14 People wrote to us:
  1. I’ve always struggled with my weight. Through marriage, pregnancy,
    redundancy, new job, another pregnancy, new business…and everything else
    life throws at you! A serial yoyo dieter – you name it I’ve tried it…

    I starting following Dropit21 in January 2015 and my life has changed. This
    sounds overly dramatic but it is true. The numbers are one thing – a size 16
    to a size 12, 2 stones lost. However at the same time I have established a
    new relationship with food. Banishing the emotional eating and eating for
    boredom habits that I’d always had. I need to stress that as a huge foodie
    and I love baking, cooking and eating out. It has been possible for me to
    still have a passion for food but I control it not the other way round.

    Losing weight and inches are one thing but keeping them off is quite another
    (as serial yoyo dieters will tell you). I have followed the Dropit21
    maintenance programme and this really ensured that the good habits remained
    in force alongside the temptations that come our way on a daily basis.

    I highly recommend this programme. The online support is fantastic and I
    look forward to the daily work outs. No calorie counting, no shakes, no
    pills you’ve got nothing to lose except weight and inches!

    18th November 2014
  2. I would also just like to thank you for making the classes such a pleasure to attend. The yoga and zumba classes are quite different but I enjoy them both immensely. The Zumba is a great workout, it’s such fun and has a real feel good factor about it, everyone goes home hot but happy and always smiling.
    Yoga is also a great work out but much calmer and more controlled, I always go home feeling totally chilled out and at peace with the world, which is a lovely feeling.
    Your classes are unique and special to you, you always put lots of thought and effort into them and it shows. I always go home feeling really glad that I came.
    If all teachers made as much effort as you do to make their classes as enjoyable and as rewarding, the world would be full of fitter, healthier and much happier people.

    18th November 2014
  3. Sandra’s classes are energising, entertaining, sometimes challenging, but always well balanced. As an older member of the class, I’ve never been made to feel that way. Sandra always has an eye out for every member of the class to ensure they get the best out of every session.

    18th November 2014
  4. I’d never been much of a fan of exercise, finding school PE lessons a humiliating experience and considering myself to be a rather un-coordinated and clumsy person. However, after having my 3rd son I really wanted to do something to get myself back in shape and have some me-time. A friend had been sharing on Facebook how much she’d been enjoying Zumba classes with Sandra so I thought I’d give it a go.
    Right from that first lesson Sandra and the other ladies were very welcoming, encouraging me to just give it a go and have fun.
    Fun is the key to classes with Sandra, I think we get as much exercise from the laughing as we do from the routines. It really is the most enjoyable exercise I’ve ever done, dancing alongside my friends (I’ve made lots in the class) and getting some valuable kid-free time.
    I’ve become much more body-confident and discovered just how much I love to dance. On our rare nights out you can’t keep me off the dance floor!

    18th November 2014
  5. If you want to have fun and get fit at the same time Zumba is the thing to do. Sandra’s classes are always fun, keep you smiling and a great way to de-stress as you sing along …the quickest 45 minutes of the week. I have been attending the classes for around 3 years now, lost two dress sizes and maintained it. HIIT and body conditioning classes are hard work but effective and fun. Sandra is lovely and it feels like a family. I love it and can’t recommend it highly enough.

    18th November 2014
  6. I have been coming on and off to Sandra’s classes since my daughter was a baby 20 years ago, The classes are always fun, motivational and the time really flies, you can work at your own pace to suit your level of fitness but are motivated to keep going and improve. Alternatives are given to some exercises so there is no excuse not to get involved. Thanks Sandra for the encouragement, motivation and above all the fun.

    2nd December 2014
  7. Have found DropIt and the knowledge and science behind it to be empowering. Once I got over the craving for caffeine ( 4 days) I haven’t thought about tea since. I am thrilled that I can lose weight and inches so easily…. have a way to go still but am starting to love this new body shape, After 17 days I feel energised and have higher self esteem.

    22nd January 2015
  8. Dropit21 has helped me to lose over 2 stone and has rebuilt my confidence. It empowered me to apply for a new job in a high profile University which I start in April. Would recommend this diet/lifestyle to everyone who is looking to change their attitude to food/exercise.

    20th March 2015
  9. I really enjoy going long to HIIT and Zumba Classes! It’s a lot fun! And it makes me fit and Healthy too.

    15th February 2016
  10. Sandra’s Monday morning body conditioning class is brilliant, it’s a great way to start the week. She’s a great instructor and is sooo funny!

    21st March 2016
  11. Sandra is a really great teacher- fun, motivational and clear. I thoroughly recommend her zumba and body conditioning classes to people of all levels of fitness. Sandra will always adapt routines for all comers. Highly recommended.

    21st March 2016
  12. I was a bit sceptical at first as a life long dieter, I tended to be consistently about a stone and a half overweight . . . Drop it 21 works! does exactly what it says on the tin ( i dropped 20lbs in total ) felt fabulous, learnt new ways of eating and combining food, stepped up the exercise and it was all good – a year and a half later (that’s 2 Christmas’ an operation and some family crap) i had slipped, weight was back up a bit but an annual January re-calibration 3 weeks of drop it 21 has started my journey back to skinnyliciousness – (being fit and with a normal BMI) Its slower this time but so long as its happening – slow is ok too.
    Sandra is positive, encouraging immensely knowledgeable and inspirational. If you want to take the journey to skinnyliciousness she’s your girl – you do the work, she will give you the tools and the encouragement. Do it. Do it now.

    22nd March 2016
  13. Going to Sandra’s Monday Zumba class is the best way to start my week. The class is fun, motivating with a great group of women. I leave it smiling with such a positive mindset. Ending the week with her Friday Zumba class makes for a perfect week.

    22nd March 2016
  14. For anyone that wants to do Zumba Sandra’s classes are amazing. I feel really good after being to Zumba, it’s a good way of keeping fit and at the same time being able to have a laugh. I always find if its fun and you can have a laugh it’s more fun .

    5th May 2016